The Maldives: A backpacking destination?


When you mention the Maldives the image that springs to mind is paradise island, water bungalows and crystal clear waters. Its the kind of place that Instagram was made for.

The other word that always crops up on conversation when you talk about the Maldives is: Expensive.

Traditionally the Maldives has been the exclusive hideaway of the super rich of honeymoon couples spending a once in a lifetime vacation there. It is white linen shirts, private water planes and endless luxury.

But what if I told you that was no longer true? What if I told you that you could stay there for less than the cost of staying in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore? What if I told you that you could fly there from Asia for under £100 and that you didn’t have to pay £250 each for a private plane and there was a £2 ferry going to the same place.

And what if I then told you that I could save you even more money by putting you into direct contact with some of the best hotels, diving centres and excursion providers, allowing you to cut out the middle man and save even more money.

Well, it is all true. And we are going to show you how. Quit Pack Go’s Backpackers Guide to the Maldives is almost ready. Packed with absolutely everything you need to know about budget travel in the Maldives and with almost 200 photos, ferry time tables, maps and exclusive discounts for readers, its something we have poured our hearts and souls into.

We think the Maldives should be for everyone! So get ready to Quit, Pack, Go and Backpack the Maldives!